About Janterra Real Estate Appraisers

We are a multi-faceted commercial and residential real estate appraisal and consulting company founded in 2003 by partners Janet Moorfield, B.Sc., AACI, P.App, and Terry Rout, AACI, P.App. Having observed a lack of quality information and reporting data for the multi-residential industry, we formed Janterra to improve the markets’ demands and requirements. Our in-depth knowledge of the multi-residential industry provided considerable value to our client base as we expanded to all other areas of commercial and residential real estate appraisal valuation.

Our comprehensive understanding of and experience in industrial, commercial, and investment (ICI) buildings and land valuation is extensive and broad. We have conducted reports for vacant and industrial land, offices, and retail properties ranging from 5,000ft² to 1.1 millionft². We managed these valuations on behalf of both public and private sector organizations. Our proficiency in the multi-residential market is unmatched within the industry and flows from an ongoing valuation and due diligence services provided nationwide.

Janterra’s expertise also includes specialized expropriation valuation assignments involving partial takings; working and permanent easements for municipalities and public entities. These completed assignments satisfy a range of purpose requirements, including planning act, acquisition, disposition, potential development scenarios, expropriations, partial takings, and the closing of road allowances. Our team has worked closely with property acquisition and disposition negotiators.

Through several years of careful stand-alone appraisals and national portfolio valuations, Janterra has established and maintains a comprehensive national historical database. This long-term perspective allows our team to spot trends, identify risks, and better forecast the future. We give our clients the critical element ‘of context’ in the supply and demand equations of real estate investing.

Over the past 19 years, Janterra has grown our accomplished company of appraisers from two to a staff of 17 team members. We are very proud of our dynamic accredited appraisers, and complimenting them are the additional insightful seven-candidate members. Janterra continues to advance our capacities to meet the developing contemporary appraisal perspectives.