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Janterra employs an experienced and enthusiastic staff of Property Appraisers and Realty Advisors in Toronto, Ontario:

Janet Moorfield, AACI, P.App is a Principal and co-founder of Janterra

Janet Moorfield AACI

Office: 416-423-3334 x 223
Cell: 416-988-0679

Janet Moorfield, B.Sc.(Hon), AACI, P.App, is a principal and co-founder of Janterra. Janet is an accomplished female business owner and trusted expert in the Canadian real estate appraisal industry since 1984. Janet has spent her career working in all facets of the multi-residential sector with a high-level specialization in valuation, consulting, and feasibility studies. Janet’s knowledge and dedication have elevated her profile as the lead expert in the muti-residential sector. She handles the valuation of several multi-national and multi-billion dollar portfolios for purposes related to sales, financing, and various accounting capabilities, including ongoing quarterly and valuation for IFRS. She also has extensive experience in HST appraisals and appraisals prepared for legal purposes.

Terry Rout - Real Estate Appraiser | Janterra Real Estate Advisors

Terry Rout AACI

Office: 416-423-3334 x 221
Cell: 416-989-5677

Terry Rout, AACI, P. App, is a co–founder and principal of Janterra. Terry is a well-respected leader in the real estate advisory and appraisal industry since 1988. Terry’s expertise covers all classes of real estate with a core focus on land and commercial properties. Terry is a highly regarded expert witness with an extensive background in representing clients in arbitration and board hearings for numerous public and private agencies. Terry’s experience as an asset manager for billion-dollar apartment portfolios, across Canada, for pre-eminent pension fund clients; has provided him with exceptional knowledge and analytical skill. Terry is a graduate of the Real Property Administration from Seneca and a disciplined, skilled, and legally defensible writer, complementing the complex narratives within appraisal assessments.

Brian Posey AACI

Brian Posey AACI

Office: 416-423-3334 x 222
Cell: 647-282-6292

Brian Posey, AACI, P.App, is an accomplished appraiser since 1993. Throughout his exemplary career, he has developed appraisal expertise and knowledge within many property types, including office and industrial, with numerous expropriation/partial taking appraisals related to full buyouts, partial takings, & temporary or permanent easements with the analysis of the impact of injurious affection. Brian has conducted valuations for various office and industrial properties and is involved with many expropriation/partial taking projects for uses ranging from road widenings to public transit expansion. Brian’s client base includes several municipalities and regions, expropriating authorities, purchasers, vendors, lenders, lawyers, developers and government departments, Metrolinx, and Hydro One.

Jonathan Bannister AACI

Jonathan Bannister AACI

Office: 416-423-3334 x 225

Jonathan Bannister, BBE, DULE, AACI, P.App, is an accomplished appraiser providing extensive knowledge to the real estate appraisal industry since 1999. Jonathan specializes in the appraisal and analysis of residential and commercial development land and improved industrial and retail properties. Planning Act work includes reports for Sections 25, 37, 42 & 52. Jonathan holds a Bachelor of Business Economics Degree from Brock University, a Diploma in Urban Land Economics from the University of British Columbia, and continuing education through the Appraisal Institute of Canada.

David Kahng AACI

Office: 416-423-3334 x 231
Cell: 416-908-9174

David Kahng, AACI, P.App, He has been an experienced appraiser working within the appraisal industry since 2010. He has extensive and thorough knowledge of many commercial and vacant land property types. David specializes in the appraisal of land acquisition requirements for complex transit projects. Planning Act work includes appraisals for the purposes of Sections 25, 37 & 42.

Jennifer Doane - Single Family Residential Appraisals | Janterra Real Estate Advisors

Jennifer Doane CRA

Office: 416-423-3334 x 201
Cell: 416-951-1613

Jennifer Doane is a skillful and insightful CRA, P.App, working within the real estate and appraisal industry since 2006. Jennifer specializes in high-quality appraisal reports for single and multi-family dwellings, new construction, multiple-building properties, and various-sized parcels of land. Jennifer is adept at complex assignments and provides appraisal and consulting services for several purposes, including estates, acquisitions, power of sale, financing, construction financing, and separation of assets.