A Look Back at Ten Years’ Real Estate Booms & Busts

real estate investment The international real estate marketing has had a lot of ups and downs throughout the past decade. Housing booms and bubbles throughout the world caused investment and pricing discrepancies. While some cities are still rebounding from foreclosures and back mortgage payments, others have become the best real estate markets in the world.

The growing city of Tokyo is offering local and international buyers a variety of housing options at competitive rates. Construction jobs have increased this year as well as the prices of condominiums in metropolitan Tokyo. Interestingly though, the prices of land have fallen making it easier for young professionals and families to buy a plot of land close to the buzzing city and build their dream home.

Barcelona faced a lot of the same real estate struggles as America, but has relentlessly brought itself back into the market. Now more than ever people are willing to invest in vacation and second-home properties overseas. This is where Barcelona fits in perfectly. This city, which resides on the coast of Spain, is a place people want to travel to and live in. More condos are available and reasonably priced for a good value.

As important as pricing and availability, potential real estate buyers also look at aspects like security. No one wants to live or build a house somewhere unsafe. Thanks to stable borders and a strong economy, Tel Aviv is also one of the biggest real estate markets right now. This capital city recently went through a major technology boom and is more than appealing for young professionals that are both entrepreneurs and property buyers.

Another standout on the world real estate map is Panama. In the past ten years this country’s economy has doubled. If that isn’t enough reason to invest in property there, the main language is English and the currency most frequently used is the dollar. It’s the easiest international move for American real estate buyers that want global investment without complete culture shock.

All four of these real estate markets offer something different, yet all offer opportunity and value to buyers. Tokyo and Tel Aviv are busy cities with a lot of expansion and development. Barcelona and Panama are more classic, rustic cities with a lot to offer in terms of renovated property and a more tropical climate. Knowing what you want will help you determine where the right real estate market is for you, your family or business.

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