Toronto Quality of Life Makes Waves

Ranked the fourth most attractive place in the world to live and work by the PwC consulting firm, Toronto’s ongoing growth and transformation is truly something to behold. Witnessing a city of this size transform and change first hand as a resident affords you a sense of civic pride and belonging like none other.

Being a part of a major city such as Toronto is an unexplainable thrill. The excitement of the ever expanding hustle and bustle serves as a reflection of the thriving economy the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has to offer. Its strong economy, based heavily on business and finance, is attracting employees daily. As a matter of fact, the Toronto area has grown nearly a quarter million in population since 1996.

According to the PwC ranking, strengths of the city include the ease of doing business and a stable national government. Sociopolitical stability, universal health care, culture and natural environment, education and infrastructure also determined the high marks Toronto earned for overall quality of life.

The PwC Cities of Opportunity study ranks 30 cities around the world based on the combination of available education and technology, quality of life and natural environment. Ahead of Toronto, in order of ranking, were only London, New York and Singapore.

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