A Look Back at Ten Years’ Real Estate Booms & Busts

The international real estate marketing has had a lot of ups and downs throughout the past decade. Housing booms and bubbles throughout the world caused investment and pricing discrepancies. While some cities are still rebounding from foreclosures and back mortgage payments, others have become the best real estate markets in the world. The growing city… Read more »

Red Flags before Property Investing

Real estate is among the safest investment vehicles you can trust with your money. When looking what to do with your nest egg, consider real estate- residential or otherwise- generates an average ROI of at least 1% every single year. But doing your homework before giving away any of your money is critical so you… Read more »

Real Estate Investors Bank on Toronto in 2015

The real estate market in Toronto is going to be a good place in 2015, according to market analysts. The latest figures show Toronto commercial real estate is expected to boom rather than bust in the next 16 months. The eases the minds of investors in the wake of the building boom the GTA has… Read more »

Why Betting on Real Estate is Always Safe

The moment you find yourself having to wait out an investment, it’s usually time to cut your losses and get your money back. The opposite, however, applies to real estate investing. This is because on a long enough timeline, real estate prices will appreciate (generally speaking). Unless you have made an incredibly ill-advised real estate… Read more »

Toronto Quality of Life Makes Waves

Ranked the fourth most attractive place in the world to live and work by the PwC consulting firm, Toronto’s ongoing growth and transformation is truly something to behold. Witnessing a city of this size transform and change first hand as a resident affords you a sense of civic pride and belonging like none other. Being… Read more »

Strong Sales in Toronto to Close Out 2013

Housing and real estate markets have been a source of grave concern across the world in recent years. In Canada, however, it’s been nothing but good news for property sellers during 2013, and the domestic market in this country only looks like it’s going to get stronger. For Toronto and other Canadian cities, this means… Read more »

Is Toronto Under-retailed?

City centers like Toronto, one of the largest cities in North America, are becoming the focus of a lot of swirling activity in recent real estate markets. After decades of city dwellers lighting out for the suburban hills for some peace and quiet, a reverse trend is now being seen where workers want to live… Read more »


Over the past year, the demand for commercial real estate has continued to outstrip demand. Capitalization suppression for small mixed-use commercial and multiple residential properties has continued downward as investors seek steady income streams for investment purposes. We have seen firsthand many instances where good quality investment properties have received multiple offers and are being… Read more »


It’s the one you didn’t see coming that hurts the most. The Toronto real estate crash of 1989 and the fall of Lehman Brothers (and the subsequent spillover into the subprime mortgage crisis) in 2008 were major events that most experts did not see coming, but inflicted financial pain to many. Conversely, many experts are… Read more »

Toronto’s generous real estate market

The city of Toronto has been experience a dramatic boom in real estate sales. A seller’s market has developed that has made many property owners very wealthy over the past few months. Smart buyers are realizing that now is the time to pounce on properties in the Greater Toronto Area as the available inventory for… Read more »

The Intensification of Toronto

It is a relatively balmy Friday night. You and your significant other are walking through crowded King Street West. You can hear different types of music emanating from windows. There seems to be a party everywhere. While there is excitement brewing in the air, you are taken aback by the intensity. It is as if… Read more »


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